How do you write better content than your competitors ?

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                                                         How do you write better content than your competitors?


When it comes to sucking search engine traffic out of the search engines and other websites, nothing beats original content. You are going to have to produce content for your blog, then take that same content and spread it out over the internet so it grows virally. I'm going to show you how to do this.

Now I know some of you are thinking... "But I can't write". Well, I disagree. If you can talk, then you can write. Remember, your goal is not to write the next bestseller, it's just to get content onto your website that's loaded with keywords that people on Google or other search engines are searching for. Once you crank out a few blog postings, it gets easier and easier.

Where to Get Ideas...

If you need help getting started, just go to Google Blog Search (, which is Google's search engine for blogs, and type in the keyword you are looking to target. This will pull up any blogs related to your niche. Once you have the results simply visit some of these other blogs in order to get some ideas for topics that you can write about.

Also, try going to article directory sites and see what others have written. For instance, you could go to or and type in one of the keywords you are trying to target and you will find hundreds if not thousands of articles previously written by other authors.

The one thing you don't want to do is copy articles or blog posts word for word; that's plagiarism. Plus the content is already out there, so more than likely the site where it originated from will beat you every time for search engine traffic and authority. A good strategy would be to take an article you find on your niche and re-write it with a focus on your target market, product, or service. The one exception to the "copy-and-paste" rule is that you can copy the articles from either or as long as you leave the author's credit intact. While this is not as good as original content, some content will beat out no content on your blog every time.

Writing Headlines...

Headlines for your blog posts are important. It's what will get web surfers to click and visit your blog. Coming up with ideas for headlines for your blog posts can be easy once you've done it a few times. One trick you might want to try is to look at the covers of magazines like business opportunity magazines and swipe ideas from their headlines.

For instance, from the cover of a recent Entrepreneur Magazine, I could write a blog post then simply add a word or two to the magazine's headlines to create my own headlines like:

"Five Secrets to Making Money Online Now!"
"Start Your Home Based Business the Smart Way".

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You can even use the words "Homebased" or "Home-based" instead of "Home Based" to catch the people that break the name up when typing it into Google's search box.

Also, you can use the words "MLM" or "Network Marketing" to get traffic from people searching for MLM opportunities. By doing this you could take the same headlines shown above and turn them into something like:

"Five Secrets to Making Money Online with an MLM Now!"
"Start Your Network Marketing Business the Smart Way".

Part of what you are trying to do is put key search terms that people are searching for into your headlines.

The writers of headlines for Cosmopolitan Magazine are some of the highest-paid writers in the world. This is because the headlines on the cover, not the content inside, are what makes their magazines fly off the shelves. So doesn't it makes sense to swipe good copy from the world's best headline writers?

If you look at a cover of Cosmo, it always follows a formula. The upper left hand of the magazine (the first headline) is always about sex. Why? Because sex sells; which is why the majority of the headlines for the magazine are about sex. From a recent edition of the magazine you could come up with headlines like these:

"Taboo Money! The Dirty sexy Little Secret that Could Make You Rich"
"Advice from network marketing entrepreneurs you'd be crazy not to take"
"Don't Get Caught Naked Trying to Start Your Online Business without Having These Tips".

All three of those headlines are modified versions from just one Cosmopolitan Magazine cover.


                                                                   How do you write better content than your competitors ?

Outsourcing your writing:

If you really don't want to write and have a few extra dollars, you can always outsource your writing. The easiest way is to find 5 to 10 articles that you want re-written then place a post on,, or asking people to bid on the job.

Say that you just want 10 articles, an average of 300 words per article rewritten to be unique content. Be sure to ask anyone bidding to submit samples of their writing. You can even request that the writer post them onto your blog for you if you want to avoid that task. (You will have to set them up with a non-admin password that only allows them to post). You will get lots of replies, and lots of bid offers. You should be able to find someone that can crank these out for under $5 per article. When you accept a bid, you will then place the payment into the site's escrow account. When the writer has finished writing the articles and has submitted them to you, then you release the funds from escrow.

So you hate to type...

There are several options for people that hate to type. We've already discussed outsourcing your writing, but there are also other options if you wish to create your own content and get your ideas, in your own words, onto your blog without having to type.

You can always get a USB microphone for your computer and use a software package like Dragon Naturally Speaking. Available at: Dragon Naturally Speaking will turn your talking into text. That way you can simply say what you want, then cut and paste the text into a blog post.

Another option is to record what you want, then have it transcribed and emailed back to you as text. There are many services that will do this for you like Also (as mentioned above) you can always outsource the transcribing using sites such as,, or You can even ask for someone that can edit your writing for grammatical errors or that can do some "heavy" editing and re-write portions if you feel you need it.

Getting Help With Grammar checker...

If you use Microsoft Word, then you will get minor help with grammatical and spelling errors. But if you really want to polish up the grammar with your articles and blog posts, then consider the grammar correcting software made by White Smoke. You can even use their online version for free at Grammar checker.

However, don't get too caught up with grammar. If you get too clinical and perfect, then you will lose the one thing that makes your writing look like it came from a real person. People want to do business with real people. So don't worry too much about a few misspelled words or grammatical errors.

For Those On a Budget...

If you don't own Microsoft Word to write with, there is a no-cost option called "Open Office". It's an open-source Microsoft Office clone software package and can be downloaded for free at:

In Conclusion...

When you write a blog post you will be creating content that can be used over and over, not just in your blog. In fact, in an upcoming article, I will cover how to use the content you create again and again to bring in traffic.

Remember, it's text on web pages that bring in search engine traffic. Search engines can't see graphics, pictures, or see into videos. So fill your articles with words and phrases that you think people will be searching for. The more blog posts you make, the more chances you will have to catch traffic from search engines. Here's why more is better - You never know what combination of words Google will fall in love with. Plus, Google loves blogs that update frequently.



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