How long is the free trial of Semrush?

08/01/2021 10:20 PM by Admin in Seo

                                          How long is the free trial of Semrush

Welcome to new tips! In this article, I will tell you detailed information about SEMrush's free trial plans. You will also know about the limitations of the free plan and how you can get full-featured access for seven days. So read the article till the end.   All right, let's start with the basic features of the SEMrush tool

This is one of the best tools you will find to improve the rankings of your website on the internet. So some of the features are listed here. We will go through a quick introduction to these tools. Keyword research is the tool that will help you to research the keywords. So it will give you which keyword is tough, which keyword is getting traffic and which keyword you can optimize on your website.

The on-page SEO is nothing but, it will improve the search engine optimization of your blog post or the article. It will give you which keywords you can use for this article or the blog post. Also, competitor analysis is very necessary. It will show you which keywords are ranking for your competitor's website.

How you can use this analysis to improve the website, your website and add keywords on your website, content marketing, local SEO,  rank tracking, social media management. Link building is the most important tool that you will need to improve the search engine optimization for your website. The competitor has. 

 SEO analysis is there. So there are many tools or many features that you can use. Using this semrush tool, now let's check out the plans they are offering. They are offering - the pro, the guru, and the business plan. The pro plan - is best suitable for freelancers and startups or small websites.

So if you are trying this tool then I'll suggest you go with the pro plan. First, check if that works for you. If it is good then and if it is needed,   then you can go for the guru or the business plan. So start with a pro plan. Now they have given you a free trial of the pro plan. Also, you can go for a free trial. If you click on it,   it will give you the option to go with the seven days free trial for this plan. But in this case,   you need a credit card.


They will charge you one dollar and they will refund you immediately.   So it is just for the verification. You need the credit card to go with the seven days free trial and if you do not want to enter the credit card or any other information then you can go with the completely free trial. This is a very limited trial.

 You will get limited access to the tool. the SEMrush tool. Now here you see this free trial?

I'll show you, another trial also, where you see this. Now you will see two different trials here. this one is completely free with very limited access and this one is a pro-seven-day free trial. Okay, so what I have done?   I have opted for the seven days free trials of the pro version. I just entered the credit card information. They charged me one dollar and I got a refund of one dollar also.   So this is the difference between the two plans. 

The completely free and the pro plan with seven days free trial. After seven days, they will charge me $99   but what I'll do? I'll discontinue the service before the end of the seven-day free trial. So I won't be charged for anything. Now you can see the difference here. They will give you the option to track the 10 keywords. Here you will see the option to track up to 500 keywords. So definitely the plan pro, 7-day free plan, is the best plan. So I will suggest you go with the free plan by using a credit card. Okay, now let me show you, how does this works.  

Let's go to the dashboard. Now here, you will see the tools, the tools, you can use domain overview.   This is the overview of your domain. You can enter the domain and it will give you detailed information about the domain. Okay now, here are some keyword tools. You can enter the keyword and it will give you the detailed information. Let's try some,   let me try one keyword filmora free trial, okay? Let's click on analyze. It will give you detailed information about this particular keyword.

It will show you the volume. That means, how many, what is the volume of this keyword,   you will get up to 320 visitors per month. It is calculated per month. okay now, here it will show the volume. Now here it will show which websites are ranking for this keyword.   This is one of my, this is my website ranking for this keyword. When I click on get metrics, it will show those metrics. the metrics of this keyword. currently, the filmora website is on the top. You will see my website is also there with backlinks.


There are very few backlinks and this is one of the new websites, I'm trying to get traffic on. okay now,   if I go to the limited access tool, you will see the difference. I'll do the same thing here. Let me search the same keyword. It shows I have already reached the free 10 requests per day limit.   

so if you are using the completely free trial, you will get this kind of message. And you cannot request more than 10 per day. Okay so I guess, this is not very useful. You can go with the free trial using a credit card. Go with the pro version or the guru version and you will get a seven-day free trial using this. You can get a complete analysis of your website. 

So that you can get the most out of these free trials and you can use this free trial. Get all your keywords ranked and get the reports of the backlinks they are using. see here, if I click on this tool,  click on backlinks. It will show me how many backlinks are there, which backlinks are there for this website for this particular page. So you can, go to that particular backlink, URL,  and try to get a backlink from that particular URL also.

So this is a very useful tool and you can just simply export this data and use this data for your website. so in the coming videos, I will show you all these tools. How to use all these tools within seven days period and get the maximum out of this.  So I believe if you are looking for a free trial of SEMrush. Definitely, the seven days free trials using a credit card will be the better option. There is a link given in the article ended for my website.

You can go to my website and check the detailed information on my website also.  And there, I have given you the link so that you can get a seven-day free trial.  so do not forget to go to my website and you will see many different plugins and many different free trials you can use to improve your website. It's not only the SEMrush tool, there are many other different tools listed on my website. The website is  Do not forget to sign up for my website to get more quick tips about online software and tools.  If you have any questions, please leave us a message in the comment section. Thanks for reading these tips! FREE Trial

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