How much money can be made on quora partner program 2021?

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                               How much money can be made on quora partner program 2021?

 Do we care about the dollar value of whatever the quora partner program 2021 would be? The value of this investment goes only one way, inwards. Not into the pockets of white men.

If we want?... We get both. Because making a quora partner program 2021, while satisfying quora's goal of helping companies publish on quora, also has a healthy payoff for everyone else.

Quora Partner Program

Project Q platform partner program; platform started February 2017.

Quora Partner Program is available for partnership (i.e. Quora empowers the partner with a platform to scale Quora. The partner gets to leverage the same innovations, technologies, and content that are used by Quora's existing users. Quora has partnerships with companies, institutes, or individuals from industries that match the nature of Quora itself, including education, e-commerce, technology, and social media. The partner gets to leverage the same innovations, technologies, and content that are used by Quora's existing users.

Quora's partnership program gives access to the same infrastructure that can help partner company grow their reach through data collection, community engagement, analytics, etc. Partner companies can reach and benefit from more Quora users, improve the content they publish and gain access to marketing and analytics tools, the search giant has said.

Some of the partners that have so far benefited from this program are Best Buy, OpenTable, Yahoo! France, to name a few. We understand that Quora recently teamed up with Airbnb to offer consumers access to Airbnb's travel tools and that LinkedIn is on the verge of becoming a new sponsor. The web's most visited website, Facebook, and India's top news aggregator and publisher, The Indian Express also appear to be working on their own version of the program.

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Who all can be part of Quora's Partner program 2021?

According to the company, companies from any industry and region can join the program. "Startups of all sizes can participate as official partner organizations of Quora," the company added.

Disclaimer: The author has no stake in the company mentioned above.

Do you think the Partner program is the next step to make the Quora platform more powerful and attractive? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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In its quest to widen the reach of the Quora platform, the company has launched a program that will allow its partner companies to attract, engage and retain talent from the website's Q&A community, and drive traffic to their company websites.

Quora is India's leading online Q&A platform, that allows its users to ask questions, post articles, and share expertise. Founded by two former Facebook engineers, Ruslan Desyatnikov and Adam D'Angelo, in 2009, the company has raised $63million in funding, and currently has 7 million active monthly users from over 200 countries.

While Quora's interface is customizable, the platform is free to use. As with most other social media platforms, the platform allows users to "sponsor" others who post content.

How can you benefit from this?

Companies can now sponsor individual posts, videos, and questions, and earn money from the platform. Companies that have sponsored questions will earn a fee from other users who submit a related article, comment on the post, or visit the sponsor's website, according to the company.

In an interview with TechCrunch, COO, Quora Inc. wrote, "We wanted to give companies who post sponsored content on Quora a way to monetize their content. We wanted them to get a lot of bang for their buck. This will not allow you to make money from your most highly engaged readers. But if you have the most interesting questions and are good at answering them, that's something you can do."

 Quora has introduced an Amazon marketplace. This would help its customers like AllClad, Goyard, Brown Shoe, July, Tile Shop, and more, who already sell their products on the platform, to list their wares on Amazon.

How will Quora rank the sponsored posts?

To rank the sponsored content, the company is observing two things.

(1) How relevant is the sponsored content from the sponsor? and

(2) how quickly and does the sponsored content drive conversions.

Only the highly relevant sponsored content would move to the "Sponsor" feed, while the rest would move into the "honey," where other articles are highly relevant but don't drive enough performance.

"We currently use world-class statistical machine learning to help us rank sponsored content. Our goal is to make both sponsored content and our user posts look similar to you. We think the higher the perceived similarity across the pieces of sponsored content, the more people will be inclined to click it, share it, and stick around long enough to discover the sponsored-content-funded article they probably wanted to read in the first place," the company stated.

The new platform is out there, and for now, it's restricted only to corporations that are part of the Quora partner program. But it seems that Quora is serious about offering an alternative to LinkedIn and other job portals.

                                       How much money can be made on quora partner program 2021?

What is a Quora Partner program?

The Quora Partner program is an invitation-only program that will pay you real money by asking questions about Quora. That's right- just by asking questions, you can earn thousands of dollars every month. You do not have to give answers even if Quora users will gladly give you answers - you get paid based on the questions you ask. Sounds easy right? So how do you get an invitation to this to get rich quickly?

Unfortunately, Quora's partner program is for invitations only. That is, you must be asked by Quora itself to participate. They usually only ask site users who have worked in the past (i.e. sign up for Quora, ask a few questions, give a few answers, etc). There are no actual statistics on invitations - asking a thousand questions may work, but similarly, asking only 10 can work. Personally, I asked around 20 questions and gave 10 answers to my account. It wasn't until the year I got my invitation, that it could also be a time-related issue.

Why is the Quora Partner program only invited?

Good question. Probably to help fund the program. By allowing everyone to sign up, Quora administrators will have the difficult task of filtering out all the trivial queries and the overall quality of Quora's queries will decrease slightly (there is an argument that this system already does just that). And it may be that by limiting resources by paying users- and more users asking questions, there is more competition for people participating in the program, which could mean less revenue.

Tips for joining a Quora Partner Program
Ask questions regularly. It may take months to get the invitation, so log in to the site once a month or more and show yourself to be an active user.
Give positive feedback to show that you have invested in Quora's site.
Create an official profile - add a bio, name, profile picture. Quora wants real people to ask questions, not just bots and people who want to spam their site.
Be patient. It took me over a year to wait for my invitation, but some reportedly received it within months.


The real question. Everyone wants to earn thousands of dollars for easy work. This means Quora is more competitive, which means it will be harder to get thousands if the system continues to make good money from it. Unfortunately, Quora only offers the total amount earned by Quora users as a single sum.

They do not provide detailed statistics on how many queries send Quora users per month or how many questions earn more than a certain amount. In my short time of participating in the Quora Partner program, only 5 of my questions received more than £ 1, and my highest salary was about £ 3. do you take it as a job?

I wrote about 300-400 questions in about 2-3 hours. After that, it took me about 2-3 hours to bring these questions to Quora (I had to format it well, then select the appropriate topics for each question and ask for answers from Quora users). That is 6 hours of operation.

In the UK, the minimum wage is about £ 8 an hour. So with six hours of work in Quora, I would need to make £ 48.00 to fit in for a low-paying job. You have to deal with the fact that Quora traffic is coming over time. You can't judge those 6 hours immediately, because one of your queries can start getting google traffic after 3 months and start qualifying for the quiz.

For some, this may be a good way to make money and for others, it may not be enough. If you get paid the same as if you worked in a coffee shop or in stores, this may seem like a good alternative. Being able to work for others at home is a dream come true, and while the Quora Question specialist is not the most glamorous job when it comes to paying bills, is it worth it?

If you are young and want to earn money, this can be a great way to do it again, especially if you are looking for money to spend on sports or something else.

But let’s get back to the first question: How do you earn thousands of dollars a month from Quora Partners? Can you get rich with it?

My answer: Probably. You have to be extremely lucky and extremely committed to the system. That means spending hours asking all kinds of questions that you've never been asked before, and then hoping you'll be lucky that one of your questions gets a lot of explosive traffic.

It is very difficult to predict which questions will make you the most money and so like most of these online monetization programs, you will never know until you try. Most people do not have the hours and hours to donate to a program that can earn them $ 0, or that can earn them more than $ 1000. It is dangerous, but if you do not lose anything, I say try and see if you can make it work.



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