What is Backlinking Strategies - how to Generate Real Traffic?

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                                           What is Backlinking Strategies - how to Generate Real Traffic?

Getting Traffic To Your Website, I will share with you online Backlinking Strategies that will Generate Real Traffic to any website you have, but first, it is important to understand how traffic works. This article will not be included in the minute details (for future articles and posts). Instead, you will be shown a quick overview of how traffic works and how you can earn your share.

So You Have A Website ... What Now?

Just because you set up a website doesn't mean Google  (or another search engine for that issue) will start sending you traffic. In fact, search engines do not send traffic anywhere. Search engines simply display a list of sites that are placed in the user's search box in a search engine.

The user then has to click by linking to your site link to visit your site. If so, the key here appears in the SEO (search engine optimization) Google rankings on the first page or on the second page (where people will see it) while also confirming that the user wants to click on your site's search result.

Why Important?

If you have a website that promotes a product or service, then there is a good chance you are competing with thousands (if not millions) of other online pages promoting the same thing. 

More than 90% of all search engine users go to page 2 of search engine results. This is why it is important to enter page 1 of search engine rankings. That's why you need to force your site's pages to rank higher than your competitors' pages.

How Google Decides How To Position Your Location

While the actual algorithms used by Google to measure private sites, there are many findings. What Google considers when measuring your site is a partnership. If your page provides instructions on how to assemble wedding gift baskets, Google will identify your page as a page on how to assemble wedding gift baskets. 

That part is simple. It will not appear (or should not appear) on how to repair the computer. The problem is that you will be competing with thousands of other sites that offer the same information.

So you need to do things on your site to skip the frames on those other pages and come out on top. The biggest thing Google looks at when deciding to rank similar pages is popularity. In other words, how many other sites link to your site?

Google does this because it feels that, just as our country is treated as a democracy where one person is elected to the position by receiving the most votes, people should also decide which sites are most relevant to a given niche. 

In the eyes of Google, if another site is willing to post a link to your site, you should have a quality site and deserve more ratings. Getting enough links (or votes) will play a big part when Google decides where to place you. Links to your site from other sites are called "Backlinks".

Now here's the catch ... you can have 20 links to your site and get hit by a site with only 10. The reason for this ... Google gives "extra credit" to links from quality sites or sites similar to yours. 


So Where do you get quality backlinks that drive traffic?

So now that we know the basics of what Google wants, we will begin to develop a roadmap that will help us get the most out of Google's search engine. Below I provide a traffic plan that we will use to find those valuable link-building strategies.

 Don't worry if it seems difficult. I will give you a program that uses most of it, and here is the good news, in addition to getting important backlinks from the sources below, you will also get more targeted traffic!

Step-by-step traffic plan

The following is the plan I use to create a large amount of free traffic for my websites. Here's why it works: If you actually follow all these steps, you will not only create hundreds of links back to your website, but you will also get more traffic to your site. 

You see, this program will give you many backlinks and then 99% of all the same websites. In other words, you will be the top 1% website within your niche when it comes to getting traffic to your site.

What Google considers when looking at websites with high ratings is a lot of content and a lot of relevant content. This is because when people visit search engines, this is what they want.

 Content comes in many forms ... be it articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc. What you need to focus on is building a content collection and an online presence with our content.

One thing to keep in mind when producing your content is that it will increase your site ranking to have more original content. So if you simply cut and paste content from other websites you will likely be hit by a site that already has that content. So you will want to make sure you focus on creating and developing original content.

                                  What is Backlinking Strategies - how to Generate Real Traffic?

Steps to fill the Internet with your original content:

Ask for ideas on texts. To get ideas for an article you can start by visiting similar websites and blogs like yours. As you interact with blogs, you should comment on their blog posts with a link back to your site where possible. For a detailed description of how to generate the required content, you can see our article Creating a Different Blog Content.

Write the article. Use a Microsoft Word or word processor of your choice and save it to your hard drive. This step is important as many people have a habit of writing directly to their blog editor. The reason you save this on your hard drive is that you will use it again and again.

Turn your article into a blog post. Well done ... just post your article on the WordPress blog on your website.

Distribute your blog posts through social media marketing. Post your blog posts to all major social booking sites such as Facebook, Digg, Reddit and Mixx.

Post on Twitter. Generate a short Twitter summary letting all your fans know about your new blog article.

Create a Squidoo lens. You can take your article and quickly build a Squidoo Lens. Google loves Skidoo!

Post your article on Hosted Blogs. Copy and paste the same (or rewritten article to the many blogs you have created that you created such as Blogger, BlogSpot, WordPress.org.

Post to directory sites on the topic. You can publish the same article on the main directory sites that Google shows. A few good examples of these types of sites would be EzineArticles.com and GoArtilces.com

Post media releases. There are many free media distribution sites. You can rewrite your article a bit and pop it up as a media release.

Post sections of the article in the appropriate fields. You can take parts of the article and put them there in the forums. If you use forums, don't be spam, just add content to the ongoing conversation or create your own new conversation using part of your article and have a link to your site in your profile signature.

Create a PodCast. Use the article and record it as a .mp3 audio file so you can publish it as a podcast. You can do this with an inexpensive microphone that you can pick up in almost any retail or online store with open source software for recording and editing software Audacity. Best of all is that it only takes minutes to do.

Create a video from the Podcast. Create a slideshow using free photos you find on the web and associate them with a .mp3 audio file you created to produce video using the free CamStudio recording software solution. Post a video on video-sharing sites like YouTube.

If you follow these online marketing strategies you will see an amazing increase in traffic to your site over time. The problem that afflicts many online marketers is that they spend less time producing and promoting content and when they do not see immediate results they stop. If you persevere in your efforts and are consistent in the ways of your hard work you will benefit from the endless supply of natural search engine traffic.

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