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Find DNS records tool is utilized to seem the least bit varieties of DNS records. DNS is a very advanced system for today's web. If the DNS records are set incorrectly then it will cause varied issues to the net developers conjointly as website owners. This tool is usually used to check varied DNS records on absolute DNS servers.

This tool is very handy albeit {you're not|you are not} an online website administrator as able to "> you will check why you are unable to travel to a particular web site whereas your friends are ready to visit a particular web site. This tool is very straightforward to use. simply enter the IP address, DNS server IP Address, and question sort and hit enter.

What are DNS records?
Well DNS stands for Domain Name System and is one of the largest databases in the world, containing almost all information about online websites. Every website has an IP (Internet Protocol) representing its location in the real world and a DNS database. Your webserver response is directed to DNS records or Zone files and therefore these records play an important role in internet performance. There are many types of DNS records but only a few important and common ones are listed below.

Record: A record is a basic record and A stands for address and represents 32 bit IP webserver IPs.
AAAA recording: AAAA also has an address record similar to A record, however, ipv6 128 bit IP webserver.
CNAME record: The CNAME record stands for "canonical name" and is used to display domains under one main domain.
NS record: The NS record stands for "server name" and indicates which server name authorizes the domain.
MX record: The MX record stands for "mail exchange" and shows the list of mail exchange servers used by the domain.


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