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Social Status Checker or Social Media Counter is a social analytics tool that displays the functionality of a blog or webpage on popular social networking sites. This counter serves as an excellent marketing tool.

We all like to share useful content with our friends and family on Facebook or Twitter. However, do you know which social network leads the most when talking about a particular blog or website and what types of blogs or posts are most shared?

Social Media Counter helps you to know which of your most important content or posts are popular, shared, tweeted, and pinned. So you can have a clear idea of ​​what content works best. Following the results, you can generate more content similar to the one that serves as the key to success.

The social media tool helps you see your presence on social media. It generates a report for your social media statistics to tell you how many social symptoms you have and how powerful your presence is. This is a free and useful tool that gives you the details of social symbols in a well-organized way.

Using a communication counter is very easy. An effective tool that works on all major platforms. You do not need to register, register or install anything. All you have to do is enter the URL in the query box provided and click the 'Submit button. Your query will be processed, and a communication counter will generate and display a communication counter. Counter social statistics will help you find improved and improved exposure techniques.


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