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It's easy to require a screenshot of any website or sites and takes all the screenshot for those sites and website how isn't working. thanks to an equivalent device that do not have a function to require screenshots we take a screenshot and save them. SEO Audit provides you with the simplest function for you and provides a screenshot easily and fast including the whole information. This tool generates a snapshot of any website in order that you'll see how your website looks on any device like laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets. Just enter the URL within the textbox and hit enter and it'll display the snapshot of that website.

If you know a computer, you will know how to take a screenshot displayed on your computer. You may also know how to take a screenshot on a smartphone and tablet. But taking a screenshot of a website with visitors is completely different. As a website administrator, you may receive complaints from your customer that there is a problem with your website and they think it has been malware or infected or hacked. Or another website function does not indicate which page to use. Your first action would be to try to understand the problem by asking a site visitor. But what if the visitor does not understand your questions or speaks another language? You are now facing a real problem with no ready solution. Also, you do not want to be disappointed with the loss of your potential customer.

In such cases, your best option would be to ask your visitor to take a screenshot of your site and send it to you. But here you may have another problem, which means your visitor doesn't know how to take a screenshot to send an email to you.

Every computer or laptop does not follow the same screen printing instructions. On some computers, you have to press the 'ctrl' button and the 'prt sc' button. Alternatively, you should press the 'fn' key and the 'prt sc' key to take a picture. For others, you have to press the 'alt' and 'prt sc' buttons. If you use the same type of computer as a host for your website and speak the same language as yours, it will be easier. You can specify the keys to press to take a screenshot. If they use a different computer, you can ask them to try a different key combination to take a screenshot.

Now everything will be fine so far, but now we come to the deceptive part. Now you have to tell the visitor to open the 'paint' when using a Microsoft Windows-based machine and press 'paste' to paste the captured screen on it, save it and send it to us. But when a visitor uses an Apple computer, the painting process may be different.

All of these steps can be very stressful for a website visitor to follow and explain. So the best option would be to visit the site and check the problem, which could lead to another problem. Let’s assume you are not facing the same problem your visitor is facing; now you have a real problem.

If you try to explain how to make a print screen download or take a screenshot online, your visitor may stop chatting or talking to you and leave your website. In such cases, when you inform your customer you should ask or email them to copy/paste and use it, then download the file and email it. It will be the easiest solution to pass it on to your customers and quickly see what problem they are facing on your website.


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